Thank you for receiving the White NOCs with such appreciation .

All decks were sold out in less than 24 hrs.

Stay tuned for future releases, we are brewing something you've all been expecting for a long time.

The Blue Crown Brunch brings you a special surprise every Sunday during certain seasons! When active, join us each Sunday for a special product release. It could be a mega discount on one of our items. It might be an item that’s not usually on our shelves, offered in limited quantities. Each Brunch will last for 4 hours, or while supplies last. Don’t forget to check back every Sunday to see what surprises are in store!

The Blue Crown Backstage is an informal webshow where we take you behind-the-scenes at The Blue Crown. In each episode you’ll join staff and artists from The Blue Crown as they develop new products, have jam sessions, and head to conventions all over the country. Take a peek behind the curtain and join us for The Blue Crown Backstage.

We hold contests ALL the time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to follow us and keep an eye out to win free products and other exclusive goodies!


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  • WHO WE ARE The Blue Crown was launched in 2011. Founded by Alex Pandrea, his goal was to create a magic website unlike any other.
  • SUBMIT A TRICK We don?t just release effects - we launch artists. Our amazing creative team can help you develop your effect and figure out the best way to release it.
  • INTERVIEWS We love to film interviews with our artists. Here on The Blue Crown you will find free interviews with your favorite magicians discussing a variety of topics.
  • WEB SHOW The Blue Crown Backstage is an informal weekly webshow where we take you behind-the-scenes at The Blue Crown.

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