Learn To Fold A Napkin Rose

Learn To Fold A Napkin Rose

November 02, 2015

Hello world! Thank you for visiting our new site. We are all very proud of taking The Blue Crown into the future along with everyone of you! I wanted to start off our journey together by simply giving back. Over the years, we've put out a lot of effects but also gave away more than 20 free videos! If you haven't received any, you can start right now by adding your email on our email form on the front page. We will send you 5 FREE videos straight to your email account for your viewing pleasure. Good trade, huh?

Already done that? Well your still in luck! I recently filmed a free tutorial on the napkin rose! Something I love to do, and apparently I do it well, at least that's what people like to tell me. Who knows. Maybe it totally sucks :) - in any case, I posted a photo online of my napkin rose and got a lot of interest in it so I decided to make this video. As a side note, I DO plan on refilming this as the footage got corrupt, and had to cut a lot out. I did however promise people this video as soon as possible so this one will have to do until I replace it in the very near future. Ok, enough blabbing - enjoy! OH WAIT COME BACK...ok you're still here. Please post YOUR photos of the napkin rose on social media and tag The Blue Crown in it! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram mostly! I always try to be as generous as I can so who knows, might just have to send you some free stuff if I like the posts! Until next time - Alex Pandrea


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