Queen Amy Phone Effect

"The EASIEST Phone Effect EVER"


NOTE: Only works currently with iPhone (sorry Android users). This is a digital download and you'll get all you need to start performing right away!

Queen Amy is a simple yet POWERFUL phone effect where you cause the wallpaper on the phone to CHANGE from one thing to another. The possibilities are truly endless with this. You can use the effects we provide for you OR it's just as easy to create your OWN effects using this principle. Once you know the secret you'll be blowing minds right away!

What's included:

- FULL Digital Download Tutorial teaching you how to perform, and create your own effects with Queen Amy

- Card Routine (simple card change)

- Princess Card Trick on Phone

-City prediction - make the city someone is thinking of appear on your phone!

- ESP Mentalism effect

- Card force layout wallpaper

- "Can you read" effect

- BONUS 2 Phone Transpo (Worth the price of purchase). 


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