The Myth


Every card magician knows the name John Scarne. There's a legend that says Scarne was challenged by New York's toughest mobsters to find the Aces from a fairly shuffled pack during a back room encounter. The truth of the story has been lost to the ages, but one man is here today to bring The Myth back to life.
The Myth is one of the most clean, direct, and baffling Ace location routines you'll ever see. The first 2 Aces are each found after a simple shuffle and cut. For the 3rd Ace, the stakes are raised by shuffling the cards face-up and face-down, yet you still find the card you're after. For the finale, no cutting is required. With a simple spread of the deck, your audience sees that all of the cards have magically turned face-down, with the exception of the final Ace.

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