Altruism Deck

In 2010 stories and artwork were discovered in a book from the early 1700’s that appear to provide evidence about a secret society of magicians. Formed to protect magicians during the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600’s, the Order of the Owl was founded in the Northeastern US. We have painstakingly restored and recreated the artwork we found in order to put this deck into the hands of modern magicians and keep the memory of this society alive. Some believe that the order still exists, though we cannot be sure. Secrets are everywhere.

We have printed 5,000 of these amazing decks on top-quality stock and finish. The tuck box has metallic ink, a custom seal, and other surprises.

We have also created a limited run of 2,500 white Altruism decks, which we have dubbed Snow Owls. The Snow Owls have been released in limited numbers - keep an eye out for future contests and promotions!

NOTE - Due to a printing error made at US Playing Card, 1st edition Altruism decks have a duplicate Queen of Hearts. You will receive the Queen of Diamonds for any decks ordered in a protective envelope alongside your decks.

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