White Aladdin Deck

Classic Aladdin 1001 Design - Now in White
Long hailed as one of the most well-liked and best-handling decks to come from the presses at USPCC, the Aladdin 1001 deck is a thing of pure beauty. Originally designed over 100 years ago and out of print for the past several years, The Blue Crown is exceptionally proud to offer the same elegant design and top-quality handling, now available for the first time ever in a striking white back design.

Smooth as Silk Ivory Finish
Next to the design, the best quality of the White Aladdin deck is the handling. The stock has a perfect blend of snap and thickness for long-term handling without feeling clunky. The ivory finish gives the cards a buttery smoothness and shine that provides elegance at the card table, sophistication for your magic routines, and makes your flourishes extra bright and eye-catching.

Built-in Effects and Extra Video
We have built some incredibly powerful features and effects into the White Aladdins - allowing you to perform several different mind-blowing routines straight out of the box. In order to get the most out of your deck while preserving the integrity of these secrets, the bonus video will be offered with all White Aladdin purchases with a subtotal of $20 or greater.

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Type: Playing Cards

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