Ivan Ang is soon to be a rising star in the magic world! His creativity has been praised by many, and his visual effects are starting to spread all over the internet. Diffuze is the perfect example of Ivan's genius. 

A visual penetration of a card through another is his debut effect with The Blue Crown. Two cards are selected and signed by the spectators. You fold one card in half and proceed to penetrate the other card straight through the middle of the folded card. The card is then pulled straight through and handed to the spectator. The folded card is then unfolded to show no tear, slit, or rip. Both cards can be handed out for examination and kept as a souvenir. 
This effect is easy to do, and set-up is minimal. In this instructional video you will learn everything you need to perform this effect with ANY deck. You will learn the full routine with extra ideas that will allow you to penetrate bills, receipts, train tickets, or anything else you can imagine through a signed, selected card. Join us in welcoming Ivan Ang to The Blue Crown with his effect Diffuze. 
Note: Nicholas Lawrence has independently created a similar effect and has kindly given us permission with this release. Please support Nicholas's magic over at Sensor Magic. 

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