NOC Snow Leopards
Free Gift

by The Blue Crown

NOTE: Some of you may have experienced some delays in shipping on our Black Friday Event. Please use coupon code HOLIDAY2016 for 15% of your order as our apologies. 

Hey everyone - This is Alex Pandrea here..

So here is the deal. We were originally NOT going to sell this deck. We've been getting too many emails...and to be honest...complaints that the ONLY way to have gotten these were to spend "x" amount of money. I never liked that myself. I feel there should be an option to get them for FREE as a prize, or if you don't feel like spending however much money then I should be at least able to purchase a few decks on their own. 

Well here is what we are going to do - this is your ONLY chance to pick up these decks by themselves for a limited time. We will keep these up until New Years Eve or until we sell out our batch. 

 The Snow Leopard Deck was made to commamorate the NOC Signature Series rare nature. Always going "extinct", selling out in days. This rare deck, and rare color, offers an elegant feel when in your hands. Whether for magic or cardistry, one thing is for sure- Snow Leopards definitely pop out! 

Sold Out



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