Confabagram Prediction Effect - CARD SPREAD

"The BEST Prediction Effect EVER" - Used to Predict the 2018 World Cup Final

THE EFFECT: A spectator takes out THEIR Instagram and is shown an image  as a prediction posted weeks or even months ago. The Image is a multiple image carousel of deck of cards spread on the table. Before the full spread is revealed, the spectator names ANY card in the deck. The prediction is then shows to match perfectly the names card. 

 This revolutionary new effect was created by Alex Pandrea and Beau Cremer. Using your Instagram, you accurately predict ANYTHING days, weeks, months, or even YEARS before it happens. What's the secret? Alex Pandrea REVEALS the secret for FREE on his YouTube Channel. Buy the photos and refill packs HERE to do the card spread effect right away. Included is EVERYTHING you need to start performing CARD SPREAD prediction as well as an instructional video of how to upload everything correctly to your Instagram. FOR ANY QUESTIONS AFTER PURCHASING PLEASE EMAIL INFO@THEBLUECROWN.COM


- All images needed to perform the card spread effect

- The SECRET index created to make this effect work correctly

- Instructional video teaching you how to upload images correctly

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