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Mirror Card

This one is probably my favorite card included in the gaff deck. Here is what you do. Place this mirrored 4 of Clubs on top of a normal Black NOC deck. Force the 4 of Clubs and control it second from top (underneath the mirror card). Do a double lift to show the 4. Now turn the double back over and push off the mirrored card. Slowly hold it up in a mirror (or phone surface) and show the card in the reflection. Because it is a mirrored card it will look normal in the mirror. The spectators won’t notice this at first. Then I say “Isn’t this weird? The card looks normal in the mirror.” This is when the spectator reacts. Now slowly turn to show the face of the card to the spectator and reveal that the card has in fact been mirrored in the mirror. A very strange yet powerful little trick.


Included in the gaff deck are 5 ESP cards : Circle, Plus Sign, Wavy Lines, Square and Star. Whats cool about these ESP cards is that they are MARKED! Based on Michael Murrays genius system of marking these ESP cards, we’ve added them here to these cards. It’s simple: the corners of the card back design (black part) is either sharp or round. Count the sharps for the markings. One sharp corner is a Circle. Two sharp corners is a Plus Sign. Three is the Wavy Lines, and Four is Square. If all corners are round then it is the Star. Many miracles can be performed with this.

Mnemonica Card

Ahh this is a fun one. If you don’t already know, Mnemonica is a stack system created by Juan Tamariz. Please stop everything you’re doing right now if you haven’t checked it out yet because it’s in my opinion the best creation in magic in the last century. Now, what can you do with this card? Well the stack is written right there on the card. This can help you practice or as a cheat sheet, but I like to do something very slick with it. Set up your deck in mnemonica order. Now give this card to a friend of yours. This can be also done over the phone by calling your friend. Someone names ANY card. Let’s say they name the Jack of Hearts. Your friend then will look for the Jack of Hearts and name the number it is in the stack. In this case, the Jack of Hearts is the 20th card in the stack. This is truly a Any Card at Any Number miracle. You do not touch the deck at all. The spectator deals down and reveals the 20th card to be the Jack of Hearts. All from this little card. You’re welcome.

B’Wave and Princess Card Trick

We have made 5 of these double pipped court cards for you to perform your favorite mentalism tricks. Tricks like Max Maven’s B’Wave can be done with the gaffs in this deck. Oh did I mention that B’Wave is $10 by itself? You can combine two of these cards and perform “Twisted Sisters” and even use all 5 to perform the Princess Card Trick which we all know and love. The possibilities of these cards are quite endless.

Ultimate 3 Card Monte

Michael Skinners Ultimate 3 Card Monte is one of the best gaff tricks you can possibly do. The only problem? It cost $10 - for literally 3 cards. We have included 2 sets of these type of gaffs in this gaff deck so you can perform this effect is you know it.

Blank Face & Double Backers

Included in this gaff deck are a bunch of black face cards and double backers. An simple effect with the blank face card: Have the blank card at the bottom of the deck. Now have them select any card from the middle. At this point, ask them - what card did you get? They show the card and you say “Hmm that’s weird - you chose the only printed card” As you say this, turn the deck face up and perform a reverse thumb fan utilizing the “blank deck principle”. Turn the deck back face down and move the bottom card to the top - usually with a double undercut. I take their card back on will now perform a color change. Anyone will do, switching their card for the top card of the pack which is blank. Now they see their card go BLANK while you say “Now you’re card is the only blank card in a printed deck” while you turn all the cards over and reveal they have all printed. Boom


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