Crown Luxury Deck : Diamond Edition

Our Most Amazing Deck to Date - Now in Brilliant White and Gold
One year ago we introduced the world to our Luxury line of Crown Decks. First was Blue, followed by Red. Today we are proud to introduce the Diamond Edition Crown Luxury Deck in an eye-popping White, Silver, and Gold.

Designed by Randy Butterfield, The Crown Luxury Deck is an elegant and premium version of our original Crown deck. The back design is printed in gorgeous white and grey with metallic gold ink. The faces are a classic Arrco design with custom coloring on the court cards. We also have custom designs for the Ace of Spades and Jokers.
The tuck box is a thing of pure beauty. Fashioned from an extremely bright and luxurious white vellum paper, the tuck does not have any printed ink. The design is created entirely from Gold and Silver foil and multiple levels of embossing.

Only 2,500 Decks Printed - Custom Brick Boxes Available
We have a special limited run of collectible White Luxury 12-pack brick boxes. To obtain one of the collector's boxes, simply choose the "Collector's Box" item above and add to cart. Each collector's box has a genuine metal plaque signed by Alex Pandrea and includes 12 Diamond Edition Luxury decks. Each box offers dual functionality for storage or display. Only 100 of these Collector's Boxes will be available, and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders for 12 single decks will NOT include the Collector's Box.

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